Corporate ProfileDiversity & Inclusion

By being yourself, it will become our innovation

In April 2016, 30 years after the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, the Women Activity Promotion Law went into effect. Furthermore, the government has said to set a target ratio of managerial positions for women to 30% by 2020, and in this perspective, various companies are already developing different systems and reforming their organizations to comply.
Since 2004, accerise is implementing recruitment activities and institutional operations that are independent of gender and age. While each and every employee has been enjoying a variety of life events, as a result of continuing the search for work environments that can enrich careers, we have a track record of utilizing women who are overwhelmingly leading the industry.
And in order to further accelerate this trend, we have established the “Diversity Promotion Office” in February 2017. With this new service, we can continue to be a leading company in the industry of companies with active human resources and diversified perspectives.